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Good Hustles 'Apes' EP Interview

I have been lucky enough to get to chat with Morton, Will, Nathan and Harvey from 'Good Hustles' who have answered some questions about their band and their new EP 'Apes' so you can find out more about them and their music!

Introduce yourselves

We’re a four piece band from Nottingham and we consist of:

Morton - Guitar and vocals

Will - Bass and backing vocals

Nathan - Lead guitar and backing vocals

Harvey - Drums

How did you all meet?

Mort Will and Nathan met through a number of open mics on the scene in 2018 and we had heard of and met Harvey through playing with his previous band, when he became a free agent we invited him into GH permanently.

You’ve just released your EP ‘Apes’ What was the creation process like?

Will: Long. Hahaha. For real, I guess we started recording the first song off it in September 2020 so its been a full year and a half project all in all. We were lucky to work with Cal Benson (producer) who gave the song the treatment they needed.

The process was definitely draining and stressful at times but I guess it has to be that way sometimes to make something meaningful. It’s been a real labour of love really, we’ve learned so much and developed a lot so it really has been a great thing.

What is your favourite song from your EP?

Will: Apes (song)

Nathan: Apes (song)

Harvey: Hold On

Morton: Hold On

From the songs on your EP which song are you most excited for people to hear?

Will: Apes (song)

Nathan: Apes (song)

Harvey: Hold On

Morton: Apes

What was your most memorable moment from the EP creation?

Will: Getting the last mix/master back haha. Relief.

Nathan: Nearly getting into a car crash on the way to recording one time. I mean, hearing all the mixes for the first time!

Mort: Hearing the first mix of Coffee (first song that went into mixing from the EP) back from Cal Benson, it was a complete transformation into how we wanted the track to sound.

Harvey: Watching it come to life with all the artwork and tracks coming back to us as the finalised masters

What have you learnt from the process of the creation that you feel will help you in the future?

Will: Working with a team definitely beats working solo

Mort: Never underestimate how exhausting it is to just sit in a recording studio

Nath: To lean into experimentalism and trust my gut more.

Harvey: If something is taking its time it’s not always a bad thing, it was worth the wait for the quality that was delivered

What was the idea behind the artwork?

Mort: The EP was named after our song, Apes, which is really written about inequality and injustice. We worked with Cristian Alarcón ( to bring together artwork based around that idea.

What’s next for you?

Will: Touring the UK and hopefully internationally again soon, and working on more music (as always)

Nath: A lot more music. We all love doing this and we’d be crazy not to keep going.

Harvey: Touring and working on next projects

If you would like to check out 'Good Hustles' you can find them here:

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