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Daytime TV Interview

I have been joined by Will from 'Daytime Tv' who has answered some questions about their band so you can find out more about them!

Welcome to Totally Music, would you like to introduce yourself?

Will: Hey, I’m Will from Daytime TV (Will / Clarky / Gaz / John), a rock band from the UK. We enjoy marmite and long walks in the rain.

How did you meet?

Will: Do you believe in fate? It was always gonna happen.

Where does the band name Daytime TV come from?

Will: We named the band during the first lockdown. We were used to being busy as musicians but we swapped the daily gigs for sitting uselessly on the sofa watching Gordon Ramsay. It’s kind of ironic I guess. Daytime TV is not a good thing haha. We aim to change that!

How did you first get into music?

Will: I played drums in school which I think really helped lay down a rhythmical base for learning other instruments. Sometimes Gaz let’s me soundcheck his drumkit so he can hear it in the room. It’s fun. As soon as the enjoyment is taken out of learning an instrument it’s all over. We genuinely find it really fun and just want to keep getting better until we’ve “completed music”. Life is a video game right?

Your playing at ‘Over The Bridge’ in Edinburgh in July what does it feel like to have been invited to play and what are you looking forward to most about playing there?

Will: Yeah that looks like it’s gonna be amazing! Cracking line up. It’s always a great feeling to share a stage with bands that you look up to. We had an awesome headline show in Edinburgh a couple months ago at the Liquid Room so we’re ready to go back for round 2 on the big outdoor stage.

You’ve recently released your new album “nothings on but everyone’s watching” would you like to tell us what the album is about?

Will: One of the things we were writing about a lot at the time of conception was human connections and how easy it is to replace that with a reliance on technology. We all live on our phones these days and it’s not the healthiest thing in the world. We need those real interactions with real people. Social media makes a lot of people feel really worthless and like they don’t belong. That fake image of perfection that’s rammed down our throats needs to get in the bin. Aside from that, there are songs about all kinds of different things on there. Go listen and see!

What was your favourite thing about the album creation?

Will: We went to Cardiff to work with Grammy nominated producer Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon / Twin Atlantic) which was class. We had a whole month in the studio building these songs and to have that time was a real luxury. You never know how it’s gonna go down with the public but it’s been so cool to see people really digging the songs and hearing them in the radio etc. Madness.

What’s one memory you will take away from the process of creating the album?

Will: Cardiff is great but we did get a gun pulled on us one night after some beers post studio session. Won’t forget that in a hurry. Good times!

If you could have another artist tag along with you on tour who would it be and why?

Will: We’d probably bring Professor Brian Cox so he could tell us facts about space all day. He used to be in a band so he counts.

What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

Will: It’s gotta be the live shows. The feeling of a massive crowd of people going nuts and singing along to a song you wrote on the end of your bed is unreal. Our fans always give it 100% and we give it right back. It’s a good deal we’ve got going with them! Our genuine goal is to be the best live band in the world one day. I know that’s subjective but if you don’t aim high, you ain’t going nowhere.

What’s next for you?

Will: We’ve got a pretty mega festival season around the corner with slots at Mad Cool in Madrid, BST Hyde Park in London and loads of others. We’re ready to show those crowds what all the fuss is about. All aboard.

If you would like to check out 'Daytime Tv's' Music you can find all their social media here:

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