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Danny Wright Interview

I have been joined by Danny Wright who has joined me to kindly answer some questions so you can find out more about him and his music!

Welcome to Totally Music Danny would you like to introduce yourself?

Danny: Hi, I’m Danny Wright, a music artist based in London, UK

What got you into creating music?

Danny: When I was a kid, I wanted to learn the guitar because I thought it was such a cool instrument after seeing bands playing on TV. So that was the start of it all really. But music was always on in my household growing up.

Where do you get inspiration from for creating music?

Danny: I know its cliche to say, but life! I’ve always gravitated towards music, songs, lyrics that are real and honest. I personally connect with art better that way, and that’s how I have always wanted to create art

Your new single ‘Train Wreck’ came out on the 8th April, for those who haven’t hear it what can we expect from it?

Danny: It’s a bit heavy, but not in the heavy scary way, it’s just got a raw sound that I like to think is also quite modern. There is also an element of Hip-Hop in there, something I’m really excited about diving more into as its an area of music I love and have always wanted to explore as an artist. Lyrically it’s a quick glimpse of frustration with the desire of wanting clarity in your life decisions

What was the idea behind the art work for ‘Train Wreck’?

Danny: I wanted to keep it simple and dark, to represent the raw dark tones of the music

What would you say is your greatest strength as an artist?

Danny: I would say now that it’s my time doing music, I been in bands, touring all over and I’ve also sessioned for other artists and I’ve also worked within the entertainment industry in different avenues, from performer to actor to model and to production and promoter so that mixed with some studying of performance has giving me my stamp, in a way. I think also my willingness to be honest in music, but that has only come from some adversities if experienced .

If you could perform at any venue in the world where would it be and why?

Danny: Well I put it in one of my songs (Staying In) the lyric ‘Dreams of Wembley Stadium’ So I have to say that venue. *cough cough Harry Styles, or Ed Sheeran, do you wanna whack me on as support, i’ll do it for a packet of crisps :)*

Who would you most like to collaborate with artistically?

Danny: Travis Barker, Everything he’s creating at the moment its like he’s gone into my head and knows what sort of stuff I want produced!

What is one thing you have learnt during your musical career that you would pass onto others?

Danny: Don’t try to impress everyone, its impossible, be true to what you want to do and the right people will gravitate towards you

What advise would you give to anyone wanting to follow in your foot steps?

Danny: Advise I would give it to not care so much about what others think, remember you’re human and you don’t have to get things perfect right away, be willing to grow learn and evolve while on your journey

What is next for you?

Danny: More music!! keep your eye out for some more stuff coming very very soon!!

If you would like to check out 'Danny Wrights' Music you can find all his social media here:

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