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An Interview With The Montagues

I have been joined by 'The Montagues' who have answered some questions abut their band so you can find out more about them!

Welcome to Totally Music, would you like to introduce yourself?

We're The Montagues - Kyle Parry, Jonny Taylor, Jack Wells, Oli Harman and Jack Mayall.

How did you all meet?

I've (Kyle) known Jonny for a long time and we decided to start a band in late 2018. We trialled and met with many drummers and guitarists until we found the legend that is Jack Wells on drums, Jonny had known him from a former band and I felt like I'd known Jack for years the moment I met him.

Jack Mayall joined the band right before Covid kicked off and played a couple of gigs before waiting a long time to play live again, we met through an Instagram DM, but again felt like I'd known him for years before we even jammed.

Oli has been with the band from the start doing everything visually from pictures and our music videos. I had always felt the band needed keys and we could not think of anyone other than Oli to join the band on a musical front. Having never played keys ever in his life, we asked him to force himself to drop everything in his life and learn the keys!! Which he did within 6 months and is now sharing the studio and stage with us ever since!

How did you come up with the name The Montagues?

The name means what The Montagues stood for in Romeo and Juliet, Love. The Montagues are all about loving one and other, not provoking fights and spreading peace. The idea is that bands that have a stinking attitude (unfortunately there are some out there) are called The Capulets to us!!

How did you first get into music?

We have all loved music from as early as we can remember and played for almost as long as that. Getting into playing live we come from sea side towns in North Wales that have always had a history of entertainment and music for people coming for their holidays, so it has been part of our DNA from birth.

What is your proudest accomplishment as a musician?

It's very cliche' but I would say the songs we have written are the best accomplishment. Our songs all have a message of perseverance and optimism, which is a difficult place to reach in life when we have so many difficult obstacles in our way.

What interests or hobbies do you have outside of music?

Football, Pub, Films.... all the standard stuff lads like to do! It's mainly music based though haha

What do you feel is the best song you have released and why?

All of them!!! haha. I'd (Kyle) personally say Devils. Only for the reaction it has when we play it live and when we released it, the reception was incredible. It changes every week though depending on the last gig we did!!

What do you enjoy the most about being a musician?

Being in a band is the most enjoyable thing about being a musician. To work with your mates on composing music and lyrics and recording those tunes and then go on to play them live is the most fun you can have. You write these songs and they are your babies, then you get to play them with your mates, night after night! amazing!

If you could change anything about the music industry what would it be and why?

There are so many ways things can be improved and it's a moving puzzle all the time. The main one for me is National radio selection for struggling bands. Main stations play the same artists all the time that already have a large platform on their own distribution and large gigs, us little bands need more help to be heard otherwise we end up disappearing before the masses can hear us.

What has been your favourite venue to perform in and why?

There are so many but we have just played at The Troubadour in London and there is an energy in that place that we haven't felt before, the likes of Hendrix have played there and you can feel the history within the walls.

What's your dream venue to play at?

Growing up in North Wales I always used to jump onto the train to manchester and get tickets outside of the Apollo for whoever was playing. I have always dreamt of playing at that venue. Some of the bands that have performed there are insane and it was the first place I went to a gig and thought "This is what I want to do!"

What is next for you?

Lots of gigs and lots of new music. We have been busy over the last 6 months in the studio and we have lots of gigs including festivals coming up that we can't wait to do!

If you would like to check out 'The Montagues' Music you can find all their social media here:

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