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An Interview with kohzee

I have been joined by kohzee who have answered some questions about their band so you can find out more about them! Welcome to Totally Music, would you like to introduce yourself? we are kohzee, a 3 piece rap group based in Brighton and London, making hip hop with jazzy inspirations How did you come up with the name kozhee? The name ‘kohzee’ is each first letter of our names put together phonetically. Charlie [ ‘k’ ] Oscar [ ‘oh’ ] Zirak [ ‘zee’ ] How did you all meet? We were mates in secondary school since 2010. We kept in touch since leaving in school and decided to start this group in January 2020 when Charlie wanted some vocals for his instrumentals, recruiting Oscar & Zirak. What has been your favourite musical memory? There’s a lot of contenders but we had an outerworld experience doing our debut gig. We’d never played live before and only did a couple rehearsals before the gig with some absolutely legendary band mates (shoutout to Hani, Xavier & Ben). The venue was 300 people and we were shitting ourselves beforehand. The moment we got on stage and played our first song, people were already singing the words. It’s a weird feeling but it makes you feel so honoured and accomplished to be in that moment. You recently won a competition to record at Abbey Road Studios for 2 days, what was that like? At the end of April, we found out we won a competition through DHL to record with Hannah V at Abbey Road Studios. It was a fully immersive rockstar experience. We made a huge track and had the best time doing it. The whole time we were jumping between writing, recording and generally trying not to cry with excitement. They pulled out in the best tech, musicians and team we could ever hope for and the final product really shows. It was the most creatively liberating and energetic time ever.

You have featured on BBC introducing what was that experience like? Oh my days, we remember when we found out we were all calling each other and screaming. I think Zirak saw it first and called Charlie. Charlie was like ‘NAHHHH’. Zirak was like ‘BROOOO’. Charlie was still like ‘NAAAAAAHHHHH!’. Zirak was still like ‘BBRRROOOOOO!!!!’. We called Oscar after he’d finished work and a similar exchange occurred. It was such a rush to hear our song ‘time2time’ on BBC Introducing with Melita Dennett. Big her up forever. She was so kind about our track and really vibed with our message. We had multiple plays on BBC Radio Surrey following that. I remember all our families tuning in on Christmas Eve. What is your dream venue to play at and why? Okay, we’ve all got big disagreements on this… Charlie - Concorde 2, Brighton Oscar – The Half Moon, Putney, it’s an iconic irish music venue which massively inspirational artists like johnny cash have played in the past. Zirak – Wembley, London ,since we’re dreaming, might as well dream big..

If you could collaborate with anyone in the world who would it be and why? Charlie - Erykah Badu Oscar - it’s such a hard Q. i’d wanna work with an insane writer though. someone like Trent Reznor Zirak – My biggest idol & role model as a kid and still to this day is Eminem, even just meeting him would be a dream come true. If you could give one piece of advice to anyone wanting to follow in you footsteps what would it be? Hone your craft. Do your research and reach out to any and every opportunity you find. It’s a lot of work so you better love it. Whats next for you? After abbey road we’re the most inspired we’ve ever been. we’re already working on more music, and honing the live stuff to be even bigger and better for our future headliner on 29th July at Roadtrip Bar

If you would like to check out 'kohzee's' Music you can find all their social media here:

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