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Ollie Hayes 'Online' Song Review

Release Date: 5th November 2021

I was lucky enough to get early access to 'Online' and it is safe to say Ollie Hayes has done it again and released another absolute banger! ‘Online’ is such a catchy song and I love the vibe behind it. After a couple of listens I was already singing a long to it.

I love the intro to the song as it grabs your attention straight away with the tempo increasing and the amazing energy!

At around the 2min 57sec there is a sound that I really like which I feel is really unique and I feel it provides a good tune to build up a Big Bang into the chorus again.

Online is a song that I feel a lot of people can relate to especially during lockdown where a lot of our lives were spent online.

Ollie’s talent has really shone through in this song and I highly recommend that you go and check it out. This is a song that I will for sure have on repeat!

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