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Luna Blue 'Domestic Alligator' Song Review

Release date: 17th June 2022

I think I may say this every time Luna Blue release a single but ‘Domestic Alligator’ is another of my favourite releases from them.

I feel that with every song their talent just goes from strength to strength.

The start of the song really catches your attention and the beat kicks in and it has such a good vibe to it, again another song I can imagine you listening to driving along on a summer day with your windows down blasting it.

I can really imagine the crowd going wild when this song is played at a gig.

The promotion around this song has also been incredible I have loved seeing their comical TikTok's with their new friend ‘Gerald’ the alligator (@lunablueofficial)

I’m excited to hear this one when I am next at a Luna Blue gig

If you would like to check out 'Luna Blue' you can find them here:

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