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Kovic ' Playing With Fire' Album Review

Release Date: 8th October 2021

'Playing with fire' is album I really want to share with you, this one is a very unique review as I was involved in this albums journey via their Patreon page.

It’s definitely safe to say this album has been created by a lot of input from the fans! It was great to be involved in this album and Kovic certainly took into consideration the comments from the Patreon members.

My favourite songs on the album have to be the title track ‘Playing with fire’ followed by ‘Higher than ever’ I just love the vibe behind them and I can see Higher than ever being played on a summer day in the car with the windows down and the sun shining.

I feel that the order of the songs flow really well and there is a good mixture of upbeat songs and some slower ones.

The album ends with a song titled Wake up tomorrow which is a song that has been dedicated to the Key workers and I feel it is such a beautiful song , the lyrics “ain’t it funny how a breeze becomes a storm and the dark turns into light. Just a moment and it all goes right or wrong, in the blink of an eye” really does hit home and makes you think. But also captures that even if something is going bad it will get better.

The album really does show Mark Kovics true talent and along with his brother Ben Kovic producing the songs are just incredible and you can tell a lot of hard work has gone into them to make them perfect!

I would highly recommend you checking this album out as you will not be disappointed!

You can join Kovic's Patreon page by going to

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