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Chasing Deer 'Always Been You' Song Review

Release Date: 28th October 2022

Chasing Deer is back with their 2nd release of the year “Aways Been You” and it’s safe to say it has lived up to its expectations

Described by Rob as “An epic 80’s love song. About YOU! Things don’t always happen in the right place or at the right time. This song explores the pain of not being able to turn back the clock, and why you should speak your feelings.” This song completely grabs your attention.

With the lyrics, music and performance by Rob Hodkinson, Ollie Hayes Rory Evans and Harry Batsford the song captures the feeling of not being able to turn back time. My favourite lyrics are “my missing component has always been you” it really makes you think.

‘Always Been You” is a song that I think everyone can relate to and I feel that the reasoning of the song has been captured perfectly.

I would highly recommend you giving this song a listen and I am extremely excited to see what else is coming for Chasing Deer as the last two release have certainly been incredible!

If you would like to check out 'Chasing Deer' you can find them here:

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