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An Interview with The Rambling Club

I have been joined by 'The Rambling Club' who have answered some questions so you can find out a bit more about their band!

Welcome to Totally Music would you like to introduce yourself?

We are The Rambling Club, a five piece alt/ indie band from the South of England. Sonically we mix shoegaze with indie and big rock sounds, all while putting on a hopefully exciting live show!. We are Lucas (vocals), Oli (guitar), Josh (bass), Jasper (drums) and myself, Nathan (guitar). As the current lineup we’ve been around about a year which we’ve spent playing shows all over the south.

How did you come up with the name “The Rambling club”?

Apparently it’s something Oli heard or read during a PE lesson years ago and none of his previous bands liked it so it reappeared when they named this band and it stuck!

What brought you together as a band?

So the band at its core is Lucas, Oli and Josh who all met back at uni, Solent University in Southampton. They had a series of different drummers up until after they recorded our last EP when Jasper joined after being recommended by a mutual friend. I (Nathan, guitar) joined around that time too. I went to the same uni as the trio and knew of them and actually got chatting with Josh after our graduation about starting a punk band but instead I ended up getting brought onboard with Rambling Club!

Back in October you released your debut EP ‘Ready to begin’ what was that experience like?

It was a real learning curve because the bands never really put anything out like this before and we did it all ourselves so figuring out how to get it out to people, how best to promote it etc was quite tricky. At the same time we finally got to put out these tunes we'd been playing live for the best part of a year. Tunes that people had been loving at shows were finally out there for them to listen to afterwards

What is your fave song you’ve written and why?

Common consensus is Take Me Anywhere. It’s the one I wish I could have been in the band during the writing of. It’s got such a big sound to it, that chorus just hits every time! So much fun to play live and it’s the tune that after every show we play we get people telling us how it was their favourite.

What has been your most memorable experience as a band?

For the other guys it’s a mix of answers. One was playing the Isle of Wight festival which they got to do back in 2019, a return would be great!

Then more recently they played a sold out headline show at the Joiners Arms in Southampton during social distancing and then we headlined it again last year with obviously no restrictions. That was special because it’s such an important venue to all of us so to see it pull through such a tough period of time, let alone be part of it, was really important to us.

Also selfishly for me it’d be playing the forum in Tunbridge Wells last March. Basically my first full week in the band and we played my local hometown venue with an incredible crowd, hard to beat.

What do you like most about your life as a musician?

The live shows are great! It's always a lot of fun to play live and it's really cathartic to get up there and shed whatever has me stressed or feeling negative in that moment. As we've shifted into writing/ recording mode I've really come to enjoy the writing side of things, getting together and figuring out how we all create together. Plus that moment when you feel like you've pulled something brilliant out of thin air is just really special.

You’ve recently been on tour how did you find it?

The EP release tour was great! The shows did well, we sold out our Tunbridge Wells show and got close to it in Kingston as well. We got a chance to really celebrate those tunes from the EP and as headliners we could stretch our set out, start to play some new tunes as well. A bit self indulgent but again we did it ourselves so I think we earned that

What is your dream venue to play and why?

I think some bigger festivals would be the dream right now for us. A return to the Isle of Wight perhaps, Glastonbury would obviously be the ultimate dream come true. A personal one for me would be the O2 Academy Islington, I saw the Hoosiers there years ago and that was my first proper gig so would be a nice little full circle.

What’s next for you?

We're heading back into the studio over the summer to get another set of songs together. We’ll be recording with Neil Kennedy (recorded the likes of Creeper, Boston Manor, Milk Teeth and was also one of my lecturers at uni) once again which I’m excited for because I wasn’t in the band last time! Plans are still forming so can’t give anything more specific than the generic “watch this space” I’m afraid! We’ll still be playing shows while we do, trying out the new material here and there.

If you would like to check out 'The Rambling Club' you can find their music here:

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