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An interview with Isabelle Mettle

I have been joined by 'Isabelle Mettle' who has joined meet answer some questions about her music so you can find out more about her!

Welcome to Totally Music would you like to introduce yourself?

I’m Isabelle Mettle, a 20-year-old alternative-R&B singer-songwriter and producer from London and currently based in Liverpool!

How did you first get into music?

I initially started playing the piano and singing, but when I figured out how to use the stock loop samples in GarageBand when I was about nine or ten I think I realised that writing and producing music was something that I was super passionate about.

Where do you get the inspiration from for the music you create?

My influences are all over the place really! A massive massive part of my musical inspiration would be Erykah Badu; I’ve been absolutely obsessed with her since I was about 14 years old and I genuinely think I always will be. I just love how she isn’t afraid to experiment with music. That is the same with the likes of Prince, Blood Orange, Kate Bush etc... I just love people pushing boundaries within their music and I think that I fit into that category too!

You’ve just released your new single “Dreamz” would you like to tell us about it?

‘Dreamz’ is a two-sided funky, poppy R&B release which explores the concept of love - the way it makes us feel coming into it and coming out of it. Both sides of the release tackle these aspects!

How did you come up with the art work for “Dreamz”?

The artwork was designed by Kate Dodd, who did an amazing job at translating the ideas I had into a tangible format. I wanted something which reflected the idea of fantasising and dreaming, and pitched the idea of a disco ball to reference the funk/ disco aspects of the tracks, whilst the text’s font and the colouring of the image in general just feels super light-hearted and fun. And Kate’s style of creating art was so enticing to me — she mixes oil-painting with digital styles which I found so exciting.

What is your favourite set of lyrics from the song and why?

From the A-side — ‘Dreamz’ — I would say in the bridge, the “let’s count sheep... 1, 2, 3... you and me in a sycamore tree” is probably my favourite line, just because it plays in on the concept of dreaming so well. On the B-side — ‘What You Did’ — I would definitely say that my favourite line sort of changes over the duration of the song. From “what have we done here?”, to “what have you done here?”, to “I think we’re done here”. I just love how such small lyrical changes can show the growth of a character.

What would you say is your greatest strength as an artist?

Such a difficult question to answer! I think it would have to be my perseverance as a songwriter maybe. I don’t think there will ever be a time in my life where I don’t want to write a song or put a song out. I feel as though I’m in it for the long haul and I think the people I work with could vouch for that! But I also think that you need a bit of weakness as an artist so that you have more things to write about and improve on. So maybe that’s one of my strengths too!

What is your proudest accomplishment as a musician?

Definitely being interviewed on BBC Radio London a few weeks ago. Having grown up listening to that station and hearing so much music through the radio, I think it just really hit heavy in my heart, especially knowing that I used to crave having music being played on the radio for anyone to experience. It’s insane to think that what I had to say, or my music itself, might’ve had a positive impact on someone’s day.

If you could perform at any venue in the word where would it be and why?

I would say the 100 Club in London, simply because I’ve done a lot of research about the history of early jazz venues and the culture of that venue specifically, and I just love it there! I also saw one of my favourite childhood bands, Black Kids, there last year in September and it was surreal. Also just because I’m from London and that venue is such a hotspot there, so it would mean so much to me to play there. I want to play there so badly!!

What’s next for you?

Difficult question to answer because hopefully a lot!! I’m definitely going to have some more tracks out this year, a lot more gigs, and also hopefully more travelling around the country with my stupidly talented live band, Sir Zebra. I just really want to test the waters with my music and I feel like this is the year. So I would definitely say to stick around and see what comes out next...

If you would like to check out 'Isabelle Mettle's' Music you can find her music here

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