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Dead Star Talk 'Twenty' Single Interview

I have been joined by 'Dead Star Talk' who have joined me to chat about their new single 'Twenty' so you can find out more bout it!

Welcome back to Totally Music how have you been?

Good. We’ve dedicated most of 2023 to writing and recording our 2nd album (we’re actually only just playing our first shows of the year this week). It’s been a great process and we’ve without a doubt created our best material to date.

You’ve just released your new single ‘Twenty’ would you like us to tell us about it?

Twenty is one of the most layered and "wall of sound“-esque songs we’ve ever done. Phil Spector would be proud. It’s also a very direct and big sounding rock anthem. It’s written around a theme that has been expressed in many different ways across the world of culture the last year. In shorts it’s about getting back to, and embracing, real life after the pandemic, in spite of the mad times we live in.

What are your favourite set of lyrics from the song and why?

I do love the sentiment of the line “get along or move along”. We have to stop turning to populistic and simple messages of hate and blame, in these challenging times, and at the very least not get on each others throats.

What was the most challenging aspect from the creation of the song?

This song was probably the most challenging song to finish on the entire album. In fact whereas most of the album was written in 2023, this one has been lying around since 2021. We knew it had the potential to be great but it never worked when we performed it lived, I clearly remember our producer Flemming Rasmussen (Grammy winning producer for the likes of Metallica) telling us that our entire set at SPOT Festival 2021 was great apart from Twenty…. It wasn’t until we changed the rhythm entirely (in a jam session - turned co-write - with Daniel Weckelmann from the band Reep) that we cracked the code. But then it truly clicked and turned into something quite massive.

What was the inspiration behind the song?

See above haha

What did you learn from the creation of the song that will help you in the future?

I’ve always had the philosophy that songs have to be natural and written intuitively and almost instantly. I still believe this is correct - most of the time. But sometimes it’s good to revisit and work on old songs before throwing them away. In short stay flexible with your writing - there are many ways to write, and it’s healthy to sometimes move outside your comfort zone.

How did you come up with the art work for the song?

It’s actually a very simple cover. We just took a picture of a microphone on the empty floor of concert venue that went bankrupt after the pandemic, and we thought it works really well with the theme of the song.

The single is part of your new album due to be released in 2024, would you like to tell us about the album?

Yeah it’s the 1 single from our 2024-album “Solid State Chemicals”. It’s actually our 2nd full-length 10-track album following our 2022 debut album “Too Many Too Much” and 2022 EP “Tides and Waves”. And it’s without a doubt our best work to date. The songs are much more layered, complex (both dynamically and arrangement-wise) and make better use of our multi-cultural heritage (we for example often use the Turkish Saz guitar). Another winning factor is that we make much better use of the band having two singers with two very different voices (my deeper scruffy voice) and Günes high-pitch crystal clear vocals. The overall result is something that we’re tremendously proud of. But it’s also very much us with big sing along Choruses, huge guitars and a love for memorable melodies.

What are you looking forward to most in releasing the album?

Getting to play the songs live.

What’s next for you?

Touring in 2024, promoting singles and the new album, writing more songs, and hopefully taking the next steps towards establishing the band on the indie rock circuit.

If you would like to check out 'Dead Star Talks' Music you can find all their social media here:

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